Monday, 7 March 2011

Car Reversing

Have you ever considered the thought process involved in the simple act of a car being reversed? I have wondered why it is that the entire process tests one’s patience and then I understood the different mind sets of people involved.
Ok, so let’s take a louse’s-eye view into the brains of different people on the road when a car is being reversed:
Car Reverser: Oh darn, I don’t know what distance behind I need to move. I hope that the bike guy is not abusing me while I am doing this.
Bike Guy: Is this Car Reverser really a car driver? He’s taking AGES to reverse. I need to get to the doctor’s clinic for my appointment.
Cart Guy: I’d better move out of here faster. This a** is in the wrong place. I give him exactly 6 seconds more to clear the way.
Walking Lady: Should I walk in front of the car and cross or wait for others to also move?
Car Reverser: Ok, I’m stuck now. This car is too big for me. F***, why did I even buy it? These waiting monsters are going to kill me..
Bike Guy: I’m just not going to make it unless I slip into that gap at the back. So let me just try…
Car Reverser: What’s this bike guy doing? He’s going to hit my car!
Horn Sound: Beep! Beep!
Bike Guy: Oh s***, I’m stuck! And I’ve made it difficult for the Car Reverser as well. What was I thinking?
Cart Guy: While these 2 sons of guns sort this out, let me get out through the front.
Car Reverser: Darn. I’m unnecessarily causing problems for the people on the road. Ok, let me try this again…
Walking Lady: What’s going on?
Auto Guys/Ironman passing by: What the f*** is wrong with the car reverser? Let me teach him a lesson and probably help this figure-aa cross the road. Then I will be Rajni- saar for her.
Car Reverser: Ahh, I’m almost done. Sorry to all for the inconvenience.
Bike Guy: Finally!  I will make it to the vet to sell him these new vitamin tablets for animals…
Cart Guy: Finally! This F*** face has moved his S*** A** out of the way…
Walking Lady: Alright then, let’s go!
So doing a louse’s reading of these people in this small situation, we can understand how each one of them is either hindering or hampering society’s growth.
Car Reverser – He is a person who is insecure and worried about what people around him would think. The people around him, though very small in number, have put enough pressure on him to make him lose his confidence.
People like him need to be assisted rather than judged by society, as his growth is part of societal growth.
Bike Guy – He has no qualms about anything, and his priority is to meet his own goals. Is a person like him who is running through life unaware of the small joys of life? He is someone who needs recognition and no matter how, he will crave for it.
People like him need to be stopped and encouraged to enjoy life at its own pace. As society does not move with his pace and it just a plane over which he exists.
Walking Lady – She is a lost soul who is neither bothered about herself nor about the people around. All she wants to do is to be there and go with the flow.
People like her are essential for society to balance itself. She would just let the scheme of things be as they are.
Cart Guy – Now this is the guy who is the real louse. He is impatient, not bothered about the existence of others around. Also, he has the ego to believe he is the most important to this entire scheme of life but does not realize that he is just a louse after all.
People like him, either need to realize that the fact is, they are just lice in the entire scheme or they have to be plucked out for isolation for a while. They could spread rapidly, if not controlled or developed in the right manner.
So, every small incident in the entire scheme of life can bring out different perspectives….

Edited by : Fred Koikaran


  1. Very nice dude!

    One comment though, you could try playing with the font styles to differentiate the thought/speech portion from the rest of the content to make it easier to read.

    Keep 'em coming!

  2. You have very articulately expressed middle class angst. I completely disagree with your understanding of these mind sets and the conclusion that the cart guy is a louse and that the bike guy craves for attention, etc.

    both the bike guy and the cart guy are people who work and need to get somewhere!!! Theier impatience is understandable and the last thing on their mind is to discourage or make life hell for your "insecure car guy". its unfortunate but most people tend to have such simplistic and one sided views.

    On a more personal note: glad you are writing and blogging ( smething that I still dont have the courage to do). Rest assured, you will see more such comments from me completely disagreeing with what you write! :-D

  3. Well thats an individuals view..I have also said that they are a inclusive part of the society but need to realise certain facts of life...

    But, appreciate your thought on the same...And that would be your personal view

  4. hmmmm... so while u say the car reverser shouldn't be judged, I can see that you have 'judged' all the characters in this blog..aren't they not exempt for being judged? & won't the person 'assisting' this car reverser also doing it out of 'judging' him?

  5. Hi Vaish

    I guess more than judging I have analysed the personalities. I am sure this woul be biased as its from my point of view

    But, I am just trying to express my point of view and also welcome to agreements and disagreements